We have created a team of diverse professional to provide exactly what you need

CADD Services

LOD Solutions has created diverse professional CADD team with background’s that encompasses Surveying, Civil Engineering, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design & drafting. All team members have over time specialized in managing existing commercial Real Estate portfolio’s and new Development projects. The CADD team is trained and supports all Leasing, Legal, and Development activity as well as Tenant Coordination and Construction. We have created a process that links intelligent CADD drawings to a central database and custom website in order to provide our clients with updated Lease plans, LOD’s, Tenant Drawings and Construction documents and Legal exhibits on demand.

Lease Plans

LOD Solutions creates and maintains intelligent lease plans that are connected to a database which enables our clients to graphically track leasing activity, lease expirations, renewals, sales and other bench mark data.

LODS (Lease Outline Diagrams)

By leveraging the database of master lease plans, we create LODS (lease outline diagrams) for individual tenants per our client’s specifications in a timely cost effective manor streamlining their leasing process.

Site Plans

With a strong Civil Engineering background, our team creates site drawings containing critical development data including GLA (gross leasable area), GBA (gross building area) and parking data needed to pursue future development projects. All site plans are linked directly to the intelligent lease plans.

Design Development Plans

We create site development drawings and renderings quickly and cost effectively to help our clients pursue new projects and obtain development agreements as well as providing prospective tenants with future lease plans.

Legal Exhibits

As part of our master plan approach, generic lease exhibit plans are always kept up to date with current lease plans and posted to our client’s custom secure website. We also create custom lease & site exhibit plans to meet tenants and landlords specific needs.

Tenant Proposals

In order to assist our clients leasing teams when presenting properties to prospective tenants, we leverage our database of master lease plans to create custom presentation drawings. These site & lease plans are turned around quickly & cost effectively.