Our History

A little bit about how we got started

Our History

LOD Solutions was founded in 2008 and has been providing consulting services to commercial real estate developers, landlords and property managers. As a direct result of providing these services to our clients, it became clear that there was a great need for a set of tools to help manage the vast amount of data and drawings created in the process of developing, leasing and operating commercial real estate.

LOD Systems provides portable cloud-based software to connect real estate professionals with the critical informational databases and documents that they need to lease, build and manage their portfolios. By leveraging cloud-based technology, clients access and analyze all of their critical data anywhere and any time without additional personnel, hardware or IT costs.

Accurate information is essential in managing your portfolio and we know it. LOD Systems outputs intelligent architectural drawings and financial data reports by acting as a data warehouse and combining existing and newly created data sources from its real estate client’s portfolios. Our system is a cost effective way to create an integrated secure database with drawing intelligence, document management and real time shared data.

Using LOD Connect, we have successfully created a retail & commercial real estate tool that transforms the way our clients do business. Building on the success of sister company LOD Solutions, LOD Systems was founded in 2013 by Daniel J. Majka, President and Managing Partner of LOD Solutions and Carlo Hume, owner of CVH Productions.